Mission and Overview

Piedmont High School Boosters Club was founded in 1978 with a primary mission to support and facilitate our interscholastic athletic program at Piedmont High School. Over 78% of PHS students participate in PHS athletics. PHS Boosters supports all these student-athletes playing on over 49 teams across 21 different sports. PHS Boosters works with the community, the Board of Education and the PHS administration (primarily the Principal and the Athletic Director) to carry out its mission.

What do we do? Boosters. . .

>  promotes a high standard of athletic competition and sportsmanship
>  raises funds that support ALL sports at PHS
>  stimulates community support and spirit for PHS athletics
>  identifies areas where support and funding are needed

Student-Athlete Health

Student-athlete health is a special priority of PHS Boosters. Boosters instigated and funded the use of the ImPACT concussion diagnostic program to aid trainers, coaches and parents to assess and make decisions around student-athletes suspected of, or who have sustained, concussions.

Boosters Board and Team Liaisons

Each and every sport has a PHS Boosters team liaison, who is a member of the Board of Directors acting as a liaison among PHS Boosters and the student-athletes, parents and coaches of that sport. Liaisons assist coaches in bringing grant requests for support of special needs to PHS Boosters, attend the team meetings for their respective sport and educate parents about PHS Boosters and encourage them to join.

Ex-officio members of the PHS Boosters Board include the high school Principal and Athletic Director, a representative of the Parents Club and a representative of the Board of Education.

Piedmont Boosters Connect

Our membership is very active supporting our student athletes on social media. Follow the latest happenings around Piedmont Athletics and Boosters events by following us on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.